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The National Capital Cat Show began in 1981 as a local show, as the name implies, but has grown into one of the largest shows affiliated with the Cat Fanciers’ Association. It is unique in that the show is not produced by one cat club, but by members of many clubs, both in the metropolitan D.C. area and from other parts of the country.

Exhibitors and cats from around the country and around the world attend the National Capital show to participate in some of the fiercest competition of the show season. Pedigreed cats in more than 40 breeds and divisions compete in classes for kittens (4-7 months old), championship (8 months and older intact cats) or premiership (8 months and older neutered/spayed cats). The cats are judged by 8 different judges against their breed’s standard, and then each judge independently chooses the top cats in each class.

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In addition to competition for pedigreed cats, there is Household Pet class which is open to all cats, with or without a pedigree. Household Pets competition is similar to the pedigreed classes, but with no particular standard, it is largely a “judge’s choice”. Agility competition is also available for any cat to try. Agility cats compete on an obstacle course in an enclosed area, which the handler guides the cat through usually using a toy for the cat to chase.

Cats in all classes must be entered in advance and must be at least 4 months of age. Household Pets and agility entries are not required to be registered or eligible for registration, but can be given numbers for scoring purposes if the cat will be competing in multiple shows for awards at the end of the season.